art in a hotel?

addicted to art: During the summer time, art exhibitions take place as well as artists in residence and high-art-cooking events. Once in a while, some music events or other performing arts happen to enrich the "cultural life" at the art-lodge. After all, our aim is to support social intercourses between our guests and the artists in a very private and relaxed way and let them have a lot of fun!

Some brief information: Every year, the art-lodge invites one or several artists to invest some inside or outside space with contemporary art installations. The art-lodge is always alike and yet often different, in a good mood and always smiling.

The artist rooms open a window onto the contemporary art world: the use of the space, the game of shapes and materials… Each room is an original creation which reflects the work of one ore even more artists.

The sculpture park is everyday open to everybody.

Literature about art and architecture can be found in the small reading room under the roof of the old “Troadkastn”, the oldest part of the property. Other books can be taken out or left in one of the shelves to be found everywhere in the house.  

Video - At the tiny video lounge with 6 seats, the guests can watch different videos out of the collection with our art videos.

Detailled information about our art projects can be found here: art-lodge projects