The Great Outdoors. With 16,000 square meters, there is more than enough space at the art-lodge. There is even an organic swimming pool with an outdoor terrace, the slightly growing sculpture park and a sundeck at the top of our meadow ...

Watch the inspiring video about Carinthia: Carinthia image spot or use the App to find the most interesting tous in the region: App

For further activitie
s, just find our suggestions below:
Hiking: from the art-lodge to go the Schwarzseehütte where you can have a wonderful Carinthian snack and then walk up to Mount Palnock or even Mount Mirnock – our alpine recreation area in the Carinthian Nockberge mountains has an ideal altitude (600-1.900 m) and is characterised by good climatic conditions and easy accessibility. When reaching Mount Mirnock after a long hike, you have an amazing view down to Lake Millstatt. Our hike-tipps Wanderungen Verditz

Montain biking: The Nockberge region is called the "Nocky Mountains": Demanding freeride tours with exciting trails will take you up to the summits of the Nockberge Mountains at more than 2000 metres. Scaling summits by bike is a real rarity, but in the gentle Nock Mountains cyclists can experience the breathtaking panorama of the Carinthian world of mountains and lakes from high up too. The trails have not been created artificially, but lead along natural tracks. Here you find the maps: Nockbike folder  For further information click here: Nockbike

Carinthian lakes: Carinthia is not known as Austria's Riviera without reason. This corner of Austria is blissfully warm in summer, providing excellent swimming and tanning oppurtunties at its many beautiful lakes – e.g. the Afritzer See, the Brennsee in Feld am See, the beautiful Millstätter See and the Ossiacher See are less than 30 minutes to drive. And, last but not least, our organic swimming pool is officialy counted to the Carinthian lakes as well by the authorities due to the fact that they are taking the same samples …

Paragliding: The Gerlitzen is a paragliders' eldorado. So, if you like to experience the spectacular view and panoramas of carinithian mountains and lakes, you can make the same experience as artist Liav Mizrahi during an unforgettable paraglider-tandemflight: Paragliding

Artists’ town Gmünd: A medieval  town meets modern art - two decades of consistent engagement in cultural work and two decades of successful marketing established the Artists‘ Town as the new touristic landmark in the county of Carinthia. A special tipp for those who like to be amazed: Pankratium. And for those who prefer cars instead of arts: the Porsche Museum is just a stone's throw away.

Being active: Rafting on the Drau river or the Socha, or climbing at the Tscheppaschlucht which is a picturesque gorge near Loibl pass (Ljubelj pass) close the border with Slovenia. The Raggaschlucht near Flattach makes you climb and inhale the refreshness of sparkling waterfalls. Or you cope one of the amazing Nockbike trails and alpine passes on two wheels.

Alpe-Adria-Trail: You are off on a varied journey of discovery covering approx. 690 kilometres. Through three countries – Austria, Italy and Slovenia – and three cultures. From the foot of the majestic Grossglockner to the azure blue sea. On the Alpe-Adria-Trail – with heavenly views in the “Garden of Eden”. With views over a well balanced mix of glorious spectacles of nature, alpine water experiences and a fascinating world of animals and plants. Along lakes, streams and rivers until we reach our destination, the Adriatic. Info: Alpe-Adria-trail

City trips: The wonderful capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, is clean and safe, has friendly outgoing people and has a beautiful blend of Renaissance and Baroque architecture. Ljubljana

And for those who prefer “la bella figura”, Udine is a delightful italian city with a vibrant air, captivating medieval squares and Gothic and Renaissance monuments. Udine   Shopping

Architecture and Art: Just have a look at the nearby architectural highlights: The “Steinhaus” from Guenther Domenig at the Ossiachersee, the SoART artists residencies - a cluster of geometrical structures at the Millstätter See, founded by the Soravia Art Foundation and constructed by architect and Pritzker award winner Hans Hollein. Last but not least, at Museum Liaunig in Neuhaus/Suha you find a very smart art collection stored in an extraordinary building. Steinhaus (stone house)  SoArt Museum Liaunig

Adria: For those who have had enough of mountains and like to stay at the sea side for a couple of days, we can offer a stay at our "Narrow House Piran" subsequent to a stay at hte art-lodge: Narrow House Piran