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Peace and quiet and independence
Find out our contemporary alpine huts: They are small, naturally made of wood, cosy and well-equipped but without frills. Comprising of only about 23 square meters, they are tiny spatial miracles because they feel spaciously laid out and comfy in the same time. For those who like to test the simple life, to keep their independence and to experience the impressing landscape. Call it as you like, but "glamping" could be the right expression for this experience. If you arrive by car, you can leave it on the parking lot reserved for you and walk over a nice path to your temporarily tiny home. The same path leads you to the sunny courtyard of the art-lodge with its biological pool, passing by the old saw of the former Rohrerhof. By the way, the saw comes up with some stories you'll find out in the huts.

Simply comfortable
You can enjoy the nice views over the Nockberge just lying in your comfortable bed if you don't use the 100% darkening curtains. The built-in cupboards have lay-on surfaces for mobile phones or glasses and the TV can be watched from the bed as well as from the small dining table made of local marble. The well-equipped pantry kitchen can be used for coffee cooking or even to prepare a small meal - of course, you'll find a small fridge and two stove-tops. The beautiful grey floor tiles contrast with the built-in elements and the bathroom door hand-built with raw wood and they complete the bathroom walls with the on grade shower. 

Anyone who thinks of our future, travels ecologically: The huts are built after the "cradle-to-cradle" idea and such they are systematically recyclable. The screw foundation allow minimal disturbance of the earth and the roof greening leads to an optimal integration into the landscape while the low-energy building standard leads to a good room climate. The large window-doors can be opened widely so you can feel inside and outside at the same time. The narrow terrace made of larch wood gives you a slight impression of being on a boat, but once you sit on the small terrace next to the house, you'll be immediately "down to earth" again.